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How can I import audio from Instagram Reels/videos?

Apps like Media Converter make this easy. The sound quality will not be as high as that of a recording app, so keep this in mind for your listeners.

How can I start Jamming?

On a smartphone: Open up the built-in voice memo app and press record!

Can I share original music?

Yes, that's music to our ears!

Can I recite existing works of literature?

Yes, with some conditions. Generally, books are out of copyright 70 years after the author's passing or 95 years after original publication. So if you’re a true classics fanatic, start recording!

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Tips for recording a great Jam:

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1½ - 3 minutes is the sweet spot. 3 minutes max.


The best formats sound familiar, friendly, and conversational… as if you’re talking 1:1 to a friend on the phone, or leaving a voicemail. Try to avoid sounding scripted. (A tip here: it’s fine to write what you want to say, but then try setting the script aside and just paraphrase as you record.)

This blog post (with accompanying audio, of course!) has some great tips on sounding natural.

And this post talks about how to use a script without sounding like you're reading.


Equipment: honestly most mobiles have great microphones that work fine; feel free to use something more fancy if you want to! On an iPhone, use the Voice Recorder app. Other voice recorder apps will work well, too.

A few last tips

When you record, try to keep the microphone close… if you’re using your phone, hold it against your ear as you would normally on a phone call (this avoids popping noises). NPR has a great guide to help their contributors use a phone for audio.

Don't preamble: consistent feedback we hear from listeners is that they'd like Jammers to get straight to the point. If you want to refer to a website or remind folks of credentials, save them for the end.

We don't recommend music unless it's key to the Jam. Listeners want to hear from you!